Coronavirus (COVID - 19) Advice and FAQs

Our commitment to your safety and well-being

Q. Is it safe to travel on a coach?
A. As the government takes steps to start getting the country back on its feet, public transport continues to play a vital role in safely getting people to work and for other necessary journeys, and in supporting the country’s long term recovery. The safety of our customers and employees remains our absolute priority.  With the extensive measures we have in place, and with customers following all of the social distancing and other guidelines, people can continue to have confidence in using our coaches.

Please don't travel if you feel unwell.

Q. Are you still running revised timetables? 
A. For now, we’re continuing to run our revised services and our focus is making sure that those who have to make a necessary journey are able to get to where they need to go. 

Q. Where can I find your revised timetables?
You can find timetable information on our website under “Service Updates” or in the temporary timetable section below. Please know we’re constantly reviewing these so keep checking to make sure you have the most up to date information.

Q. Are you giving free travel to NHS staff and other key workers?]
We’re proud to be providing lifeline services for the country’s key workers and have revised our timetables around the needs of the key workers who are working hard to fight the virus. We’re working with the government to find how we can continue to play a vital role in helping the country at this time, including how coaches can further help the health service and other priority areas.

Q. How do you know that the people travelling on your coaches are actually making an essential journey?
We’d hope that everyone was following the government guidance to only travel if absolutely essential. We know that, in some areas, the police are checking why people are travelling and we’ll support the police in any way we can.

Q. Are there any extra measures I should take whilst travelling?
As advised by the NHS, people should follow simple measures to stop viruses like coronavirus spreading:

If you are travelling with us to Belfast please note that from Monday 15 June Stena Line have advised that wearing a face covering will be mandatory on the ferry sailing between Cairnryan and Belfast. All passengers must wear a face covering when travelling through ports and on vessels.  Children under the age of three and individuals with a breathing condition, illness or disability that prevents or hinders them from wearing a face covering are exempt from this requirement.

Q. How are you enforcing social distancing?

Your safety and the safety of our drivers is our number one focus and we’ve put posters on all coaches to encourage our customers to:

Q. Are you carrying out additional cleaning on your services?
We already have well-established and rigorous cleaning regimes for our buses, coaches and trams, and we are continuing to enhance the measures we have in place in response to the developing situation with more regular cleaning of the main customer touch-points such as hand poles and grab rails.

We are also providing additional cleaning materials such as personal hand sanitiser for frontline employees, as well as extra cleaning materials for depots and other work areas, and are issuing detailed and regular reminders to our teams about hygiene good practice.

Q. Shouldn't you be banning the use of cash on your coaches as it can carry the virus?
If you don't feel comfortable using cash right now we do offer other ways to pay for your travel. You can use contactless payment on the coaches, reducing contact between you and the driver. You can also buy your tickets in advance on our website.

Q. I can't pay contactless, I only have cash, will your driver take my money?
Yes, our drivers are still accepting cash but another option for you, if you don't have contactless, may be to buy your ticket in advance on the Citylink website. Any reduction in contact between drivers and customers is a benefit at this time.

Please be advised that the contactless limit onboard our coaches remains capped at £30. Contactless payments can also be made via Apple pay and Google Pay, where there is no universal limit.

Q. Will you be providing hand sanitisers on your coaches?
We are carrying out additional cleaning of the main customer.touch points on our buses and reminding customers of the important of hygiene good practice.  We are not currently looking to roll out hand sanitisers on our services.

Q. What steps are you taking at bus stations and travel shops?
We are also enhancing the cleaning regimes at the bus stations and travel shops we operate, and as with our bus and coach services, we are focusing on the places our customers come into more contact with.

Q. How are you protecting your staff, such as drivers?
We have provided all of our frontline teams with personal hand sanitiser and are reminding everybody of the important of hygiene good practice.  In addition, as with the main customer touchpoint areas, we are also increasing the frequency of cleaning within driver cabs and other areas our staff come into greater contact with.

Q. If I decide not to travel with a pre-booked ticket, can I get a refund?
We have temporarily revised our refund policy. If you no longer wish to travel between now and 30th April we will honour a change to your booking, free of charge, regardless of ticket terms and conditions. You will be able to amend your journey anytime in the next 12 months, simply contact or customer service team by email emails are being picked up 08:00 – 20:00, 7 days a week. Please note that our customer service team are likely to be very busy, so please do bear with us.

If your journey is cancelled directly by Scottish Citylink a full refund will be issued.

Q. What contingency measures do you have in place if the spread of the virus continues?
We have in place a dedicated team which is closely monitoring and managing the current situation. Our priority is to protect the safety of our customers and our own employees.