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Your trip to Glasgow

Known for its industrial prowess, creative contributions and unique charm, the city of Glasgow has a lot to offer when planning your trip, with one of the best things being its diversity. The bustling shopping streets, unique neighbourhoods and ever-evolving food and drink scene all combine to provide an excellent holiday destination, whether you're looking for a cultural adventure or an exciting night out in the city. As good a reason for visiting Glasgow as any, it’s a well-known fact that the people are extremely friendly. Whether in search of directions, a helping hand, recommendations, or simply to engage in good conversation, the people of Glasgow have you covered. The city slogan ‘People Make Glasgow’ couldn’t be truer!

History, shopping, nightlife - it's all here

When you travel to Glasgow with Citylink, you'll arrive in the city centre at Buchanan Bus Station - perfectly located to reach hotels, restaurants and shops so that you can get your trip off to a great start! Whilst you won't find any coastal views in this great city, you will be full of awe after checking out the stunning architecture that is evident throughout Glasgow's streets. If it's greenery you're looking for, Glasgow has over 90 parks and formal gardens dotted around within easy reach of the city centre.


Getting you there

With discounted fares available when you book in advance, travelling to Glasgow by coach with Citylink is the perfect way to make sure your journey doesn't cost more than it has to. When you need to get between Glasgow and Edinburgh, the Citylink 900 service offers comfort and speed, with frequent services running all day and all night, every day of the week. With Citylink, you can travel between two of Scotland's key cities for as little as £10 for a return ticket!

Let's get going

One of Central Scotland's main hubs for activity, Citylink can get you to Glasgow from other Scottish cities faster than any other mode of public transport. Travel from Stirling to Glasgow by coach in just 45 minutes!

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